Most of the members of the Lucretius project are part of the Software Engineering / Requirements Engineering research group at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Trento. This group organizes weekly seminars to discuss the work each member (PhD students, post-docs, researchers) have been doing in the past few weeks. Here, you will find information on these seminars, including the schedule, past meetings and slides to download (when authorized by the author).

In this spreadsheet you’ll find the updated list of presenters and some information about the organization of the presentations (date, location, time and notes).

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Past meetings:

When slides and other material are available, click on to download them.

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January 2014:

  • January 15th: Mattia Salnitri, SBPMN-Q: Diagrammatic security policies for business processes .

  • January 29th: Dealing with Security Requirements for Socio-Technical Systems: A Holistic Approach.

February 2014:

  • February 5th: Jennifer Horkoff, Reasoning with Goal Models: from Early Requirements to System Development and Operation.

  • February 12th: Itzel Moralez Ramirez, On the Foundation of User Feedback Concepts: Extension of a Communication Ontology.

  • February 26th: Mohamad Gharib, From System Requirements to Information Quality (IQ) Requirements.

March 2014:

  • March 12th: Xiaowei Wang, Software as a Social Artifact: A Requirements Engineering Perspective.

  • March 19th: Alex Borgida, What’s in a value? Ramblings and rants of a naif in the fog at the beginning of research.

  • March 26th: Mattieu Vergne, Expert Finding using Markov Networks in Open Source Communities.

April 2014:

  • April 16th: Evellin Cardoso, A commitment-based approach in Business Process Management.

  • April 23th: Daniel M. Berry, Lessons Learned from and for Requirements Engineering and Building Construction: A Case Study of Requirements Engineering for a Synagogue Kitchen with Use Cases and Scenarios.

  • April 15th: Veruska Zamborlini, Representation of Clinical Guidelines and correlations with Commitment-based Process Approach in the Azzurra Framework.

  • April 30th: Elda Paja, STS: A Security Requirements Engineering Methodology for Socio-Technical Systems (dryrun thesis defence).

May 2014:

  • May 8th: Fabiano Dalpiaz, Designing sociotechnical systems with models and serious games.

  • May 15th: Sotiris Liaskos, Goal models as decision-support tools: three studies and an agenda.

  • May 21st: Basak Aydemir, DRY RUN RCIS .

  • May 21th: Jennifer Horkoff, DRY RUN RCIS .

  • May 22nd: Konstantinos Angelopoulos, DRY RUN SEAMS .

  • May 23rd: Harold Stoerrle, no title yet .

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