October 2011:

  • October 14th: Mattia Salnitri, A Commitment Based Approach for Service Agreement Specification: Modeling Language and Methodology;

  • October 17th: Alistair Sutcliffe (University of Manchester, UK), Awareness Requirements and the Implications of Change;

  • October 20th: Elda Paja, Socio-Technical Trust: An Architectural Approach.

  • October 21st: Silvia Ingolfo, Establishing Regulatory Compliance for Software Requirements through Argumentation.

November 2011:

  • November 4th: Fatma Basak Aydemir, Contract-Based Cooperation for Ambient Intelligence.

  • November 11th: Amit K. Chopra, The Nature of Requirements.

  • November 18th: Konstantinos Angelopoulos, A framework for analyzing policy compliance in SOA systems.

  • November 25th: Tong Li, (Chinese) Requirement Analyzing and Modeling Based on Domain-Specific Semantic Framework.

December 2011:

  • December 16th: Alejandro Maté (University of Alicante, Spain), Requirements Engineering in Data Warehouses.

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