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January 2013:

  • January 10th: Matthieu Vergne, Infer Informational Capabilities by Relating Expertises in Requirements Engineering .

  • January 24th: Tong Li, Global Design for Secure Socio-Technical Systems.

  • January 31st: Mattia Salnitri, Managing Security Alignment in Socio-Technical Systems .

  • January 31st: Basak Aydemir, Multilevel Adaptation for Sociotechnical Systems.

February 2013:

  • February 1st: Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Adaptation Mechanisms for Complex Software Systems.

  • February 14th: Itzel Morales Ramirez, Relevance-based abstraction identification: technique and evaluation [R. Gacitua, P. Sawyer, V. Gervasi].
    PS: the online application mentioned by Itzel can be found at

  • February 21st: Silvia Ingolfo, Qualifying, current work, future work .

  • February 28th: Elda Paja, Identifying Conflicts in Security Requirements .

March 2013:

  • March 7th: Jennifer Horkoff, Analyzing Uncertain Goal Models.

  • March 14th: Feng Li, Bridging the Gap between Requirements and Services.

  • March 21st: Mohamad Gharib, A Requirements Engineering Framework for Safety Critical Systems.

  • March 28th: Xiaowei Wang, What is Software?.

April 2013:

  • April 3rd: Silvia Ingolfo, Choosing Compliance Solutions through Stakeholder Preferences.

  • April 10th: João Pimentel, From goals to statecharts.

  • April 17th: Matthieu Vergne, Goal-Model Based Expert Finding.

  • April 24th: Mattia Salnitri, Security Requirements in Socio-Technical Systems.

May 2013:

  • May 8th: Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Requirements and Architectural Approaches to Adaptive Software Systems: A Comparative Study.

  • May 15th: Evellin Cardoso, A Conceptual Framework for Goal-Oriented Enterprise Management.

  • May 22nd: Basak Aydemir, Thesis work in progress.

  • May 29nd: Itzel Morales Ramirez, Ways of Analysing User Feedback in RE: Textual processing and Argumentation.

June 2013:

  • June 5nd: iStar dry-run.

  • June 12nd: iStar dry-run.

July 2013:

  • July 3nd: Elda Paja, Designing Secure Socio-Technical Systems with STS-ml.

  • July 10nd: Tong-Li, Multi-layer security requirement framework for Socio-Technical System.

September 2013:

  • September 11th: Feng-Li, A Revisited Goal Modeling Framework for Non-functional Requirements .

  • September 18th: Vítor Souza, Research perspectives at Nemo / Ufes.

  • September 25th: Mohamad Gharib, A Revisited Goal Modeling Framework for Non-functional Requirements .

October 2013:

  • October 2nd: Jennifer Horkoff, Goal Model Mappings/Transformations: Systematic Literature Review .

  • October 9th: Silvia Ingolfo, Automated Reasoning for Regulatory Compliance (dry run ER’13) .

  • October 16th: Fabiano Francesconi, TBIM: a Language for Modeling and Reasoning about Business Plans (dry run ER’13) .

  • October 23rd: Xiaowei Wang, Towards an ontology of computer software .

November 2013:

  • November 6th: Elda Paja, Dry run ER’13 .

December 2013:

  • December 4th: Feng-Li, Requirements-Driven Software Service Evolution: a Research Proposal .

  • December 11th: Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Towards a Preference-based Adaptation Mechanism for Handling Multiple Failures .

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